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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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let's check in with meteorologist alyssa corfont. it is cold. i didn't see much frost on the windows. is it too cold for that? it's not too cold. i think you just got lucky, mike. you'll have to dress in layers because it is very cold out there. and we're dealing with the clear skies this morning and we see the temperatures colder than yesterday morning. and here we are right now, current temperatures 15 in south hill and henderson. and more of the low 20s. but you can see theup date temperature in fayetteville at 21 and goldsboro right at 20. so here's your fast forecast. clear skies from start to finish today and close to 17 at 8:00 a.m. it will feel more like ten with a little bit of a breeze that is out there. 28 at lunchtime and plenty of sunshine and near freezing for
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33 here in raleigh later today. and then we'll drop back into the mid-20s. by wednesday evening, we could be tracking flurries into central north carolina. i'll have the latest on that coming up in your forecast. right now, let's switch gears and check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head out the door this is i540 and newburn avenue. that is u.s. 64. just one or two cars in this direction. so smooth sailing in you're heading in this direction, east of downtown. this is it a rod closure that could impact you. it will be closed over the next six weeks. and this is sewer and water line repair in raleigh. this is not far from over land road. and it will be between gordon street and peachtree street. i'll have more on traffic and weather in ten minutes. right now bitterly cold temperatures mean that you'll
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head out the door to work and school this morning. >> emma wright joins us live in raleigh with what you can expect this week with the below freezing temperatures. you're ready to go. >> reporter: i got it all. i'm in the car right now. i got that heat on blast. and that is where you should be if you have to head out this morning. it is way too cold to spend too much time outside. the temperature sign reading 23 degrees and that is probably a little generous. it is in the teens in some places this morning. you want to make sure that you dress appropriately for the weather. i just put the hat on. i did not have it on the last half hour and i needed it. and a heavy jacket and boots if you need it. and you want to keep in mind, frostbite, you're most likely to get it like this and when there's a little bit of wind. so you want to make sure that you got your gloves on and have your face covered up wwtalked
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yesterday and they were bundled up for the temperature. but they are not used to the cold weather. >> i'm not used to this weather. it dropped quickly and i was in miami last week for work. so coming back to 30 some degrees is not ideal. >> reporter: and i took my glove off for one second to show you the wncn weather app. it is 19 degrees right now. make sure you're ready for when you are headed out to door for work or school this morning. emma wright, wncn news. thank you for the update and it is cold out there. >> yes, it is. the mother of one of the two teens hit and killed over the weekend is urging the driver to come forward. the highway patrol is searching for the person that cloud into
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jennifer schark and kyle straight were killed. they were walking down the road in harnett county and they were hit by a vehicle that drove off the side of the road and fled. >> i hope and pray that the person that did this is caught and will pay for he did. he not only take one life, he took two lives. he should not be out there. >> if you know anything at all, you're asked to contact the highway patrol. the durham police are investigating a hit-and-run this morning and they are hoping that you can track down the silver minivan that hit a man and took off. the man was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. crimestoppers.
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on april on a misdemeanor death by vehicle charges. he hit a 21-year-old army veteran just months away from retirement. lynn edward ratley was at fort bragg. his loss believes behind a large void in the battalion. bay bridge in san francisco, california shut down after protesters automatic took over. the black line matter demonstrators lined up the bridge and they appeared to chain link their vehicles together. utility workers and police came out to cut the chain and toe the cars and arresting some the protesters. family of five u.s. citizens that were held captive in iran will see their loved ones once again.@
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he was reunited with his family on monday after 18 months of being in prison convicted of espionage. they commuted the sentences of seven iranians being held in the united states. one pastor is expected to see his family for the manufacture time today. north carolina congressman robert pittenger that represented the district has been working with others for others to bring him and the others home. he said that he has a lot of things ahead of him. torture. >> and monday was historic for iran after sanctions were lifted. and this means that tens of
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into their me. the anger over donald trump
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let's talk about the temperatures in durham and roxboro. 20 in littleton and a few 20s in clayton and goldsboro and clinton, fayetteville at 21. and now, you factor in the breeze that is out there. and it feels like 9 right now in roxboro and 7 in rocky mount and the windchill at 14 degrees in louisburg and 11 degrees in fayetteville. so layers encouraged. and you'll need those all day long today. your drive time forecast showing the temperatures in the teens. but the afternoon hours barely will make it above freezing. if you're getting ready to head out the door right now, 19 and we drop to 17 by 7:00 a.m. and we'll stay in the teens. and back to 20 by 9:00 a.m. and plenty of sunshine as soon as the sunrises this morning. as we head into the afternoon, 33 is the high.
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can't rule out a few flurries close to the drive home and thursday, back into the upper 40s. and there's another round of possibly wintry weather friday into saturday. and i'll break down the details in your forecast. we're just two weeks out from the first caucuses in iowa. and we'll take a look at the latest nbc polls. >> reporter: hollywood actors in full force criticizing the oscars for the lack of diverseing it. stars like jade diapink cut smith now calling to be a boycott since this is the second year in a row that the
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single deputies are searching for the suspect involved in a deadly shooting. they found a man dead yesterday afternoon. they have not named a suspect and is not identified the man who was shot. today the man accused of shooting and killing his stepson is due inside a courtroom. and the deputies said that he
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year-old rayqwan shannon this month. board of education will consider a proposal to move nine traditional schools in wake county to a year-round schedule for the ones that are not performing as well academically. the meeting starts at 4:33 at the headquarters in cary. the democratic race for the white house is closing in on the home stretch before iowa caucus caucuses. nationally, 55 percent of democratic wants the experience of hillary clinton. >> the uk could soon say no to
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half million people signed a petition banning trump. many are angry over trump's push to ban muslims from the u.s. >> his words are not comical or funny and they risk inflaming tension. and his comments are wrong. his policy is close borders if he is elected as president is bonkers. >> britain has banned 84 people from entering the country for inciting hatred. consumer alert. if you bought any trader joe's raw cashews, they were recalling the bags over possible salmonella contamination. they say that no one has gotten
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you could pay more for your mail much the postal service is raising the shipping rates on sunday. prices and priority express will go up nearly 10 and 14% respectively and the prices are the first increases. i could not believe this in more than three years. netflix said it will make a special effort to produce programming for families this year. they will offer 20 new programs and remakes of the popular full house. netflix said there's not enough programming for children and families on traditional tv right now. and it is in the further season making original content and doing quite well. let me take and uber may take on another meeting. they were partnering up on air
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they will have a trial run at the film festival in february no word on prices or a rollout plan. >> we'll let you test them out. >> i think i would be a little nervous to do that every night. 19 degrees this morning and very cold. colder than where we were yesterday morning. 17 right now in durham. 17 in roxboro and in the mid- teens in siler city and sanford, pinehurst you're at 12 and fayetteville 21 and clinton 22. and i keep showing this through the morning and we have single digits readings on our windchill. nine is what it feels like in roxboro and 7 in rocky mount and 17 in louisburg and ten in durham. so there's enough of a brees out there to make -- degrees out there to make a dig impact. and -- breeze out there to make a significant impact. and we're still below freezing
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don't get above freezing till 4:00 this afternoon so a handful of hours of above freezing, if that 33 the high and quickly dropping into the mid-20s around 6:00 p.m. so here's the setup for today. we had the high pressure that brings us the beautiful blue skies and it is also bringing in the north early breeze and the cold arctic air, the coldest air so far of the season. but they keep dropping. so the temperatures again single digits readings as you get ready this morning. it is at 8:00 a.m., and president through today and clear skies from start to finish. things will start to finish as we head into wednesday. we have a quick moving system coming through and the clouds will increase ahead of that and we'll turn cloudy by the afternoon hours. and i'm stopping this by 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. the mountains picking up and accumulating snow.
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central, north carolina, maybe a few flurries from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00. so we could see a few flurries wednesday night. i don't expect the impacting to significant whatsoever. 33 the high in raleigh and 32 in durham and 37 in fayetteville. and fast forward to tonight and we're dropping back into the teens and winds should not be as big of a factor for us. so the 16 degrees for the overnight low and the coming days, you'll notice the temperature near 38 tomorrow and that chance for a few flurries close to sunset shortly after and why again thursday. and the next system comes into play on friday. and it is the system that everyone is talking about. and the good news is the majority of this is going to fall as a cold rain and we could see is change over into light snow saturday and then snow and rain mix and then drier conditions for sunday and monday.
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air and we'll fine do you know that friday into saturday. 5:21 on this tuesday morning. this is i540 and wade avenue, no problems. 60 miles an hour if you're headed east. have a safe crime to and another check on traffic and weather closer to 5:30. here is today's pet. meet scout. he lives with kelly and they watch wncn today every morning. >> that looks like a smart dog. german shepherds are smart dogs. you can send your furry friend's picture to twitter is out worldwide. coming up on 5:23. the panthers are one step away from the super bowl. but it could be the toughest
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how the players are preparing cam newton and the panthers will spend several hours this week in the film room.
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challenge yet with the carolina cardinals. the pass rush will have to be on point without jared allen who broke his foot and sunday. he'll need one of his reliable receivers, nc's great. >> we'll hone in on our opponent and see where we can attack them and most importantly play carolina ball. >> kickoff is set for 6:40 sunday in charlotte. count on full coverage after the game and monday morning right here on news. coach rivera is doing his part to keep his team safe. he banned the use of hover boards at the team facility after he caught several players drag racing in the hallways. and he said that he's concerned about someone falling ahead of sunday's game. you think?
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>> i'm surprises they were anywhere near that. duke could find them outside the ap top 25 for the first time since 2007. the devils lost their third straight game last night. and last week they fell to clemson and notre dame that dropped them to 20th. and they today pnc on saturday. they'll need a dominant opportunity to stay ranked. duke is not alone. several top teams fell this week and making the way for oklahoma to take the number one spot. hours. the sooners headed to aims to take on iowa state, a team they beat earlier this season. and they led by six at the half. 82/77. >> you never know what can here's what is coming up in the next half hour.
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out the door this morning,
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we'll tell you how to good morning. we're going to get to your morning news and a check on traffic first and more on this freezing forecast from meteorologist alyssa corfont. you should wear layers as you head out the door this morning. it is very coal and clear skies all -- very cold and clear
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